Islam in Our Backyard: A Novel Argument

Islam in Our Backyard: A Novel Argument - Tony Payne I've wanted to read this for some time, and am glad I finally did. It's partly about understanding Islam. (I felt it was definitely working hard to give a fair representation of Islamic thought and practice, acknowledging its breadth.) But it's mostly about how places like Australia have to reconsider how we talk about beliefs, about God, about competing truth claims. I like the way the problems that get mentioned - 9/11, personal prejudice - don't get slated only to the account of others. These are human problems, not 'Islamic problems.' Tony (or is it the character called Tony?) gives a good account of why he thinks Christianity deals better with truth, and with the human problem of evil. By the way, I wonder if Tony has read or seen the play 'Norm and Ahmed' - reminiscent, to my thinking.

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