The Two Cultures (Canto Classics)

The Two Cultures (Canto Classics) - Anetta Albinowska,  Renata Czekalska,  Aleksandra Gaj,  Barbara Lauba,  Joanna Matczak,  Anna Piecusiak,  Joanna Sosnowska I'd heard about this a long time ago & wanted to read it. It laments the mutual ignorance between science/technologists and traditional learning/humanities. Snow bridged both, as scientist and author, but saw that each culture simply did not comprehend the other. What surprised me was how much Snow was actually interested in fairness, in bridging the world gap between rich and poor. Helping the two cultures work better together was, he argued, essential for reducing poverty. This edition contains an extra essay from Snow, written four years after the original lecture, in which he reflects on the reactions and reinforces his points.

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